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The Two Must-Haves for Every Stylish Woman in 2017

January 8, 2017

I’m sick of reading about fashion “must-haves”. There are all sorts of items that get listed: black leggings, red lipstick, white shirts, blue jeans, nude heels… Buy this, and this, and this, and these!

Enough! Must-Haves are a myth dreamt up by marketers.

We’re all different in our tastes, shapes, sizes and lifestyles. One size, or item, does not fit all. The “must-have” may be an appealing idea, a kind of magic pill for the dowdy, but the idea is misguided nonetheless. 

If you want to dress with style there is no magic formula. Looking to others for ideas and inspiration can be useful, but in the end we each have to work out our own individual way of dressing that fits our way of life, body shape and preferences. 

The only real “must-haves” for the stylish woman are her own sense of style and the confidence to follow it. 

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