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Daydreaming in garden design…

August 17, 2016

Imagine a patio…

One or two small but productive fruit trees – an apricot and a plum perhaps? Some native plants for the birds. A simple, slightly decorative metal fence with a welcoming gate somewhere in the middle-ish, in a browny red that match the tiles and awnings of the unassuming boxy grey house behind. A warm sandy-toned rubble of compacted decomposed granite underfoot. Lavender and rosemary near the house, and wafting on the breeze. Espaliered or ballerina apple and pear trees by the fence. Ornamental beds for an attractively haphazard mix of flowers, herbs and vegies. 

A little boy is playing with a toy truck in the shade of the tall China Doll tree (that thankfully escaped the chop because it turned out it wasn’t a poisonous Angel’s Trumpet tree after all). And beside the boy, on a comfortable bench, I’m sitting with a cat upon my lap, feeling content.

Now it has been imagined, maybe I can make it real.

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