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All you need is FAIR

June 3, 2016

All you need is FAIR

I’ve put together this imaginary capsule wardrobe to show how very easy it is to create an entirely sweatshop free wardrobe with everything from sunglasses and hats, jewellery, underwear and socks, and of course all your garments from t-shirts to pretty skirts.

Of course this is only the very tip of the fairtrade iceberg. If this has piqued your interest you might want to take a look at the fairtrade shops I recommend, or take a look at my Pinterest, Polyvore or Twitter feeds for more of the fair fashion finds that I am trying to avoid buying by sharing online with you instead.

And no, I am not a fashion blogger: I combine the sartorial excellence of a librarian, an artist and a stay at home Mum (think creatively flamboyant (the artist bit), yet still dowdy (librarian bit), with accents of baby vomit (Mum)). But I’m working on it. More on that another time…

All you need is FAIR by fairlyunfocused

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