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Where to find fairwares to wear

May 16, 2016

Want to stop supporting sweatshops and wear fairly made clothes instead?

Try these options:

  • In Australia, download the Good on You app. This rates a wide range of fashion providers on their ethical credentials. Easy to use, and also often features special offers. Yay!!! I haven’t tried many of the stores on Good on You yet, but I’m particularly looking forward to supporting some of the top rated Aussie shops, like Etiko, Audrey Blue and Fair Tees.
  • Search online for lists of ethical fashion shops, such as this list of 50, or my own list of fair fashion stores that I’ve tried. There are a heap of these lists that various bloggers and Pinterest pinners and others have compiled, and the great thing about googling this for yourself is your can try to find a list that matches your preferences, such as your location, ethical preferences and style choices.
  • When you find sites that you love they often offer newsletter sign-ups. If you really love the look of what they do, this can be a worthwhile option as they often give you a discount off your first purchase for signing up, plus you’ll get an email whenever they have new stock or sales. Similarly, you can often follow your favourite stores on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, and quite often they also promote other ethical businesses on these platforms so it can be a way to expand your options further. However, you may want to consider carefully whether these temptations are a good idea for you or not!!!

Happy fair-wear shopping!


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