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Fairtrade clothes shopping is just too easy…

May 15, 2016

Have you considered avoiding sweatshop-made fashion, but thought it would be too hard?

Its nearly 3 years since I renounced sweatshop fashion and I can assure you fair-trade clothes shopping is easy. There are dozens of labels to choose from when you start looking – and often the clothes are better made than your average High Street chain store finds.

Today, for example, I’m dressed in my new favourite t-shirt from Mayamiko, (they make garments using fantastic Malawian fabrics, many of them featuring gorgeous patterns – and of course, they’re all fairly made). And I’m also sporting another online fair find, this stripey skirt from Braintree.

Plus I’ve ordered a new navy blue cotton skirt from Peopletree as I was unable to resist the pull of a classic skirt, in cotton, with pockets, on sale.

So go fair, but beware: fairtrade clothes are very easy to find, and sometimes all too hard to resist! Good thing the money is going to deserving workers and businesses that are trying to improve the fashion industry.

Happy World Fair Trade Day!



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