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The messy little house of evolving dreams

March 29, 2016

A year ago we bought our dream house. After years of searching and saving and hunting we were finally successful in securing a home to make our own!

But when I say it is our dream house I don’t mean that it is, or was, exactly as we want it to be. This house, and the garden, needs work to be made into the home we dream of. But it is liveable and cute as it is, and has a lot of potential.

So, one year on, is it much closer to being our fully-fledged dream home? Yes! Most importantly because it is ours. We’re putting down roots, making plans and becoming increasingly attached to this little brick-veneer fronted weatherboard box with its Art Deco ceilings and weathered wooden floors. But strangely, when I think back, I realise that what we’ve done with the place doesn’t really match our original plans at all. For example, we planned to install a dishwasher, take out the kitchen island, add an off-street car space. We didn’t do any of those things – and don’t plan to – because after living here for a bit we realised we like things as they are.  

Good bits: Deco ceilings and locally designed and hand printed curtains.

A year on I’m sometimes frustrated that we still have a lot to do to improve this house. But I’ve also learnt the importance of taking time to work out what you really want. I think our ideas for how to best shape this place are still evolving. And I suspect that rushing the process would be a mistake. We could rush out and splurge on furniture, get the garden professionally landscaped, do all the bits and bobs we are considering all at once to have it “done”. We could… But it would be very expensive, and I suspect wasteful, as I think we’d make a lot of mistakes if we rushed the process.

As frustrating as it is at times living in a house in a perpetual, messy state of flux, I think it will be worth taking the time to work out what we really want. For one thing I’ve realised that this house is a bit like a sculpture, that needs carving away of excess at least as much as it needs new additions. We could install fancy storage solutions to fit in all our stuff… But ridding ourselves of our excess baggage first is a much more elegant, though more painstaking, solution!  

Not so good: clutter piles and excess. Note though that nappy boxes make great, cheap sorting boxes for the decluttering new parent!


So, I’m trying to learn to just go with it, and enjoy the process of plotting and planning and dreaming and scheming a little longer. After all, once dreams are made reality you no longer get to enjoy considering all the wonderful possibilities. 

This is a time for making-do. But also a time for evolving dreams. This house has a lot of potential, and it should be a privilege and a joy to contemplate what wonderful things might be. I suspect this place will be a work in progress for many years, possibly decades, I intend to make the most of it.

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