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What to wear if you want to wear fair

March 7, 2016

I’ve been meaning to post about fair fashion again for ages. It has been well over two years since I stopped buying sweat-shop made clothes, and I’m still loving it. Fair Trade Fortnight, which has just begun, seemed like a good time to finally post about all the lovely places to shop for fair trade fashion for women. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the variety that is available, and as I’ve mentioned before I think wearing fair trade clothes has improved my style (Admittedly improving my style was not hard. But I do think choosing well made fair trade pieces has made a significant improvement… at least on the days when I’m trying…)

Anyway, here are my recommendations for fair trade clothes for women from online vendors from all over the world.

My personal favourite fair trade fashion sites (all sites that I’ve bought from):

  1. PeopleTree UK based label offering clothes that tend to be stylish, ecologically and fairly sourced and well made. Lots of classic styles, like Breton striped tops, that are easy to mix and match for a small but versatile wardrobe. Includes casual, work appropriate and party pieces. Probably the best-known fair-trade label in the world, and also arguably the best for building a complete fair stripes
  2. Passion Lilie The best for gorgeous hand-printed patterns. Based in New Orleans in the US, and often incorporating hand block printed fabrics from India, I think Passion Lilie offer some of the prettiest fair trade clothes around. Great for dresses, skirts, tops and scarves in natural fabrics. And as a bonus their skirts and dresses often have pockets!fair trade. handmade. eco dyes. ethically sourced.
  3. Fashion Conscience This UK based online retailer stocks some great fair trade funds from their inhouse label (FC Fair), as well as selections from many other fair labels. Not everything on the site is fair trade (they also stock locally made, eco and vegan goods) but you can limit your browsing to fair trade goods. 
  4. Nomads Another UK based label, Nomads have a bit of a hippie aesthetic. Great for flowing dresses, florals and super comfortable loose summer trousers.
  5. Braintree Another UK based label. Slightly less hippy than Nomads, not quite as stylish as Peopletree. As well as outerwear they offer a useful range of underwear, socks and leggings made from lovely soft bamboo.5 organic clothing picks
  6. Ruby Rocks Fair trade with a slightly rock chick aesthetic. Great jewellery and dresses. Made in Bali.
  7. Upcycle Studio As the name implies, this Sydney based shop stocks upcycled goods. Not many clothes, but I love the look of their firehose belts and rubber-tyre bags. And they do some great homewares.

Of course this list is far from comprehensive. For one thing there are heaps of fair fashion sites I haven’t tried yet… I’ll try to post a list of more fair fashion sites that I like the look of soon.

As you can see there are plenty of sites to try for fair fashion. Plus you’re likely to find many more sources of fair fashion in your local area. Here in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, I love Sydney Road Brunswick (and adjoining Sparta Place) as well as High Street Northcote.

Many fair trade suppliers will be celebrating Fair Trade Fortnight with sales. Time to dump the sweat shop threads perhaps?


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