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Things to do with nectarines

January 24, 2016

Currently we have a glut of nectarines. An excellent problem to have!

Here are my top ways to use nectarines:

  • In salads (great with any combination of rocket, spinach, water-cress, brie, blueberries and walnuts, with or without a simple vinaigrette dressing).
  • As baby food. Peel, remove stone, blend and freeze in ice-cube trays. Because of all the juice nectarine puree is very liquid, but it makes a tasty addition to yogurt and/or mushed-up-for-baby weetbix. And of course adults can pinch frozen nectarine cubes for their own culinary uses too.
  • With cheese. Add slices of nectarine to cheese and crackers. Yum!
  • Liquefied into a delicious smoothie with or without other fruit/vegies.
  • Chopped up and added to cereal. My favourite is a mix of nectarine and blueberries with All Bran, muesli and yogurt.
  • Solo, munched fresh from the tree. Possibly still the best way to enjoy them.

I’m also considering experiments with nectarine on pizza (I’ve seen a brie, sage and nectarine pizza recipe), and nectarine with chicken (apricot and mango work with chicken, so why not nectarine?)

nectarine salad

Today’s lunch: nectarine salad with mixed green leaves, blueberries, walnuts and brie.


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