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Time for the garden

January 23, 2016

Today I bought myself a new gardening implement. According to the label it is a “cottage spade”. It is a small spade, perfectly sized and weighted for someone vertically (and muscularly) challenged like me.  Since my son was born (over six months ago already) I haven’t had a lot of time or energy for our new garden. But even while I was stuck inside feeding, changing nappies, catching up on sleep or whatever, it was nice to know the garden was there waiting for me. One day I would get out there again…

And I have! With a bit of help from my Dad who had been in Australia for a few weeks, and who shares my love of pottering in a backyard, and also enjoys spending time with his grandson. We’ve had some perfect gardening weather, and as an added bonus our big old nectarine tree has been in fruit so the garden smelt delicious.   Dad flys home again soon. But I’m hoping to keep up the gardening. I have plans to dig a vegie patch beside our shed. I look forward to using my new cottage spade!

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