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Baby steps to a better world

November 17, 2015

What a mess this world is in. What a mess we humans have made. What a mess I’ve brought my little baby son into.

Most of us long for love, peace, security, fairness and humanity. But somehow it seems that cruelty, brutality, intolerance, exploitation and terror might win out. But surely we won’t let that happen.

The problems we face as a species are massive, complex and deeply interconnected. Wars, terrorism, refugee crises, poverty, environmental destruction, inequality, intolerance, indifference and hate. They are all intertwined.

Without question it is unrealistic to believe these problems can be solved, but equally it is lazy and destructive to not take on some ownership of these problems, some dedication to playing a part in changing things for the better. For most of us in the “western world” the status quo is pretty sweet and distractions abound. The temptation is strong to ignore the world’s wider problems and focus just on my needs and wants, and perhaps more particularly on those of my all absorbing baby boy.

Tempting, but depressing. It is not the mother I want to be. My son will no doubt hear my rants on “how things ought to be” often enough, I’d better make sure he sees me put my words into action too. I want him to see me struggle actively with these issues, really engaged. He should see me trying, learning, connecting, working, pondering, refining and trying some more. He should never doubt his own central place in my world, but know that I care and engage more widely too. He should see me struggle to educate myself better and gain deeper understandings. He should see me probing my own flaws unflichingly as well as those in others. And he must see me forgive – forgive myself and keep trying, forgive others and keep trusting.

I believe, perhaps naively, that the world can be made better. While I’m endlessly upset by the mess we’re making, I hold onto the belief that things can be turned around. I wouldn’t have borne a child if I didn’t.

So I will try. I will take baby steps towards helping to create the kind of world that I hope my dear son will inherit. And I know that my impact will be tiny. But it will be something, a little contribution towards efforts from across the globe. And all together maybe that could be something huge.


Apologies for the artwork! Had to be quick… now time to get back to the bub…

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