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Nesting, nesting, 1,2,3…

June 4, 2015

After years of saving and searching we’ve finally bought a home.

104 copyHere is my illustrated version of our new house, featuring a neighbouring fluffy white cat in our front garden.

We’ve moved in and we’re loving it. We must have looked at hundreds of properties over the years, and we bid on, or considered putting in offers on about a dozen. The lovely thing is that the house we finally managed to secure is the one we like the very best. It isn’t terribly picturesque from the front (although it has potential to be improved), but it is a lovely house on the inside. Small, but with a very versatile layout and a lovely feel. And it has a lovely backyard too, with a couple of fruit trees, a shed and plenty of room for me to grow vegies and herbs to my heart’s content.

And we landed it just in the nick of time. We’re expecting our first child in mid July, so we’ve moved in just in time to get it ready to be our family home. I’ve just started maternity leave, so I’m enjoying having a few weeks to sort out our new nest.

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