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My building boom

April 20, 2014

Why do I build?

I’m well into my thirties now, so why spend my precious time and money on little plastic bricks? Why have I just spent the better part of a long-weekend on building a Lego version of a row of boom-style Melbourne shops?


A row of Melbourne shops.

And why does my lounge currently look like an explosion in a toyshop?


Children checking out the toyshop.

I build for many reasons. To create and explore. To live out my some of childhood dreams. To escape reality and retreat to into an introverted building trance…


Looking down into the Lego toy shop, bakery and hardware store.

And to celebrate the history and architecture of my beautiful home city…

A row of boom style Melbourne shops.

A row of boom style Melbourne shops.

But on reflection I suspect the deepest reason I build is to express my inner control freak. To have ultimate, infinite power and create the world as I would have it. Every building is a heritage building. There are no cars. The Melbourne street I have been building has evolved into a pedestrian precinct. There are lots of animals and cakes and smiles.


A happy customer leaving the hardware store with a new wheelbarrow

So maybe it is a good thing that I still build. Better to be the Goddess of Little Bricks than try to be an uber-control freak in the real world.

But the real world does demand a certain amount of control… Time to go pack away those bricks and restore a little order to that lounge room of ours…

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