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At last, a general store for the people of Lego Land

March 31, 2014

Since I was a kid I’ve been trying to build a convincing grocery shop out of Lego. I wanted to make the building look Australian, like a traditional general store in an old Victorian building with a verandah and leadlight windows, the kind you find in country towns.

After many attempts, over twenty years or so, I’ve finally built one I’m pretty happy with.

Julia's Lego general store

That Lego now have much more naturalistic colours really helps. Primary coloured grocery stores didn’t look so convincing!

Modular general store.

It is a modular building that comes apart neatly into three sections.

Inside Julia's Lego general store.

Inside the shop is lined with well stocked shelves, and a cashier at a counter.

Julia's Australian style Lego general store as part of a streetscape.

I’m pleased with how my new shop fits into my Lego streetscape. I’m trying to build a street that looks Australian, and gradually I think I’m getting there.


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