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A day of unwinding

March 21, 2014

Given that today is the last day of my one week holiday I’m glad it has been a good day. A good day at the end of a good week. I’ve spent time with my husband, friends and family; I’ve gone to interesting talks, and caught up on errands; I even went op-shopping and brought home a rather enormous, characterful old display cabinet to fill with Lego, robots, Star Wars figurines, babushka dolls, muppets and all kinds of appealing miscellanea. I’ve had fun.

Of all of my days this week, today has been the most quiet and least exciting. No visitors or visits. No shopping. No plans at all. Which is exactly what I needed.

I’ve spent the day unwinding. I’ve actually got a lot done — furniture rearranged to accommodate the new cabinet, two loads of laundry washed and on the line, some vacuuming and random sorting and tidying — but all of it was done on impulse. I had a vague idea that I might go for a walk, write a letter to my Grannie, shop for groceries and do some cooking, but just following my whims the day has flowed along a different but equally fulfilling course. I think this is exactly how unwinding is meant to work — just let yourself naturally unravel and follow that thread where-ever it may lead.

How lovely it is to just bumble along doing whatever. I’ll get back to bumbling now. Not sure what I’ll do next… How nice!

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