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Seven objectives for my new beginning

March 29, 2012

Next week I begin a new job. This is very exciting, and possibly marks the beginning of a new phase in my life in which my artistic and intellectual pursuits are in better balance. Having returned from a refreshing and inspiring holiday, and having spent much of the past year reflecting on how to improve my life professionally, artistically and personally in many ways, I think it is important to make some notes to remind myself of how I hope to proceed.

My objectives:

  1. I will improve my health and overall well-being. I will allow myself sufficient time to rest and relax. I will exercise regularly and make healthy eating a priority. I will focus on eating wholefoods, vegetables, fruits, proteins and organic produce as much as possible. I will cut down on refined and over-processed foods, and also (for different reasons) cut down my intake of meat. I will remember to drink plenty of water. I will avoid migraine triggers of all kinds. Without good health my other objectives are unlikely to succeed.
  2. I will present myself as a professional, intelligent, able and confident woman. I will work on improving my personal presentation and my communication skills. I am no longer a “girl” and I do not wish to be seen as one. I wish to be seen as a capable, mature and confident individual with much to offer. Therefore this is how I must present myself to others.
  3. I will allow myself the time and resources to keep on top of things, which will allow me to be organized and calm. I will make notes when I need to, and take time out to refresh myself when I need to. It is better to take a break when needed, or to go slowly from the start, rather than move too quickly and wind up in a confused mess (or with a migraine).
  4. I will make time to be creative. Being an artist is an important part of who I am. When I suppress my creativity I become a bland, grey version of myself, operating on auto-pilot. I will allow myself to play with ideas and artistic techniques. I will try to focus less on finishing artworks and allow myself plenty of exploratory time. That said, I will try to create some finished artworks!
  5. I will try to catch up with friends more regularly. This would be good for so many reasons – people are important, and socializing is fun, relaxing and good for my mental health, and for my creativity too. I will try to initiate some regular catch-ups, as well as contacting people I’ve not seen in a while.
  6. I will look outside of myself. Without compromising my commitment to working on self-improvement, I will also endeavor to increasingly engage with the outside world. Self-improvement and self-reflection are all very well, but I don’t want to get caught up in perpetual naval-gazing.
  7. I will regularly reflect upon my life, and review my goals and objectives. I will blog, I will reflect, I will meditate or simply rest and ponder. Sometimes I will write or draw. I will be thankful for the good things in my life, and work on making the most of the wonderful opportunities that I am given.

That is my simple yet challenging plan. Hopefully having it in writing will help me to make it all stick!

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