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August 23, 2011

Life is hectic, so I’ll try to keep this blog post short, but we’re currently dog-sitting, and Millie the maltese-cross mutt is deserving of her own blog post, despite how busy things are. Perhaps telling the world how adorable she is will go some way to making up for any psychological damage that we may be causing her.

Don’t worry, we’d never intentionally harm any pet. The problem is simply that for the last few years Andrew and I have had relatively little contact with dogs as opposed to cats. Add to this the fact that, we’re both extremely busy, and thus often a tad tired, and you end up with a small but very doggy dog being regularly referred to as “pretty puddy”, “good puddy”, “such a well behaved puddy” etc, etc. Luckily, I think she just reckons we’ve both just got a strange inflection to the way we pronounce “puppy”, and anyway in Millie’s eyes all attention is good attention, particularly if it is followed by either a walk or a dog treat.

Millie is a sweetie. Small, white and endearing, she has oodles of personality, and endless energy (really, we’ve tried to tire her out – it just doesn’t happen). Although she is clearly missing her owners, she is pretty easy going and well behaved, while also being pleasantly excitable. She goes into spin-mode when we get home, or when she hears one of her favourite words (treat or walk), rapidly spiralling to the right-paw side. I have no idea how long I could repeatedly chase her around the couch, before she would tire of it because my limits are reached long before hers, but I strongly suspect that after an hour or more Millie would still think this is the best and most exciting game ever. It is particularly interesting for me as a cat-person to have lots of time with a dog. She is cat-sized, but much more robust and far heavier. I enjoy her playfulness and her companionship, but I do find her very needy compared to a cat. She can also be a tad manipulative, (she conned me into taking her own a walk this morning, which was not in my plans) and cats are never… oh.. wait…

Sorry Millie, but maybe there is a good reason we keep calling you a puddy after all…

Our favourite "puddy-dog" goes on a walk.

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