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Home is where the friends are…

July 19, 2011

This weekend we had a housewarming. So, thanks to the many folks who joined us, our new house has been thoroughly warmed. And with all the cuttings and seedlings people brought along, (most of which we planted on Sunday morning), the garden has had a warming too.

Uber-introvert that I am, I was somewhat overwhelmed to have so many people in the house, (that many people simply would not have fit in our old place), but I also really enjoyed the experience. I met some of Andrew’s colleagues that I haven’t met before, and caught up with many of my friends that I don’t see nearly often enough. And it was particularly lovely to see all of our friends mingling together, and in some cases discovering connections that already existed.

Thanks to everyone who was there. Our lovely new house is now feeling even more like a lovely, lived in home.

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