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The importance of home: how a very small move can make a very big difference

June 21, 2011

Home. At last.

It has been a long time since home has been a place that I have truly relished living in. But now I do.

We moved house about eleven days ago. And while we still have a fair few boxes around, in various states from unopened, to mostly empty, to flattened and awaiting recycling, this place has felt like home from the moment we first unlocked the door. And a very happy, relaxed and inspiring home at that.

It is astounding what a difference this move has made to my mindset, particularly given that it was such a short move. We’ve shifted just one block from where we used to live, on exactly the same street, on the same side of the road. But while our old place (a unit) was cramped, mouldy and hemmed in by neighbours on every side, this place (a semi-detached villa) is light, airy, spacious, private and very peaceful.

While I’ve been too busy unpacking and rearranging to create anything artistically here just yet, I feel as though the artist inside of me is already responding to the new space. While I knew the old place was a bit creatively stifling, I never had any idea just how much it might be restricting me. Creativity that hasn’t had room to be fully expressed for many years is unfurling inside of me like tightly wound springs.

I’m nervously looking forward to the chance to find out what I can do. I feel like a bird who finally has the space to flap her wings, and maybe even fly.

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