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Life goes on amongst the boxes…

June 6, 2011

We are moving house. Lots to organise. Not much time to blog.

Right now our world is dominated by boxes. Many, many, many boxes in a very small space. Packing tape, scrunched paper, and evil polysterene peanuts, (recycled, of course) also have roles in our lives right now. But the stars of the show are the boxes.

So I should get back to packing, (which I’m trying to think of as real-life Tetris). Hopefully, next time I blog this will all be behind us and I will be happily blogging about the delights of our new home.

I’ll leave you with a picture from a kid’s reader about moving home that I illustrated years ago. If I was to paint this now it would be pretty different. I’d make some different stylistic, compositional and colour choices, but most importantly, for the sake of accuracy, I’d include an awful lot more boxes!

Illustration by Julia Marshall, from "Moving House" published by Scholastic Australia

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