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Captured: cute Coburg canary

April 20, 2011

Do you live in the Coburg area, and have you recently lost a canary? Or do you know someone who does and has?

If so, please let me know. The canary is safe and sound, and is being cared for by a neighbour who, conveniently, has canary keeping experience and equipment.

It is a very sweet, little bird, and I would love it to be reunited with its owner.

You might also be wondering how I came across this canary, and perhaps more to the point, how did I catch it? Well, I was alerted to the lost canary when it flew at my window, trying to peck its own reflection.

Capturing it was the tricky part.

For future reference, in case anyone needs to catch a lost bird, here is my technique. I stalked the bird for quite a while, trying to befriend it with sunflower seeds (which didn’t work), and trying to be non-threatening by speaking in a soft high-pitched tone, averting my eyes and blinking, and making no sudden movements. Gradually, it seemed to find me less scary, and kind of interesting. But it still regularly flew away from me, at which times I would try to follow it without scaring it further – basically just trying to keep it in sight. Even when it flew away, once it spotted me again, it would come back in my direction. I got the feeling that it was scared to be loose and wanted help, and I was pretty much the only option. Plus when it got too far from me the wild birds were not treating it kindly, so it kept coming back towards me, but always well out of reach. We moved up and down the street a bit, and sometimes I would try to lead it back towards my place, and at one point I popped back into my unit to retrieve an old, lightweight shirt to use as a net. After about 15 minutes of this, as the bird contemplated its reflection in a window for the umpteenth time, I managed to throw my shirt over the bird, and scooped it up very gently. I took the bird-shirt bundle into my unit, and retrieved a cardboard box with air-holes, in which the bird was housed until my neighbour came home. He identified the bird, (which I thought was a finch) as a canary, and offered to take care of it. Apparently the canary seemed to be relieved when it was put back in a cage, and immediately started eating.

Thankfully my neighbour is happy to provide the canary with a long term home if we can’t find the original owner. But please put the word out in any forums that might help this sweet canary get back home.

If the canary is yours please use the form below to contact me.


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