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Julia’s Etsy Shop gets some badly needed attention

March 11, 2011

After months of procrastination, I finally set up shop on Etsy last December, with a store offering art prints. I gradually added stock, filled out my profile, added a banner, detailed my store policies and began to participate in the Etsy community. All the while waiting for my first sale…

And I’m still waiting…

Oh well, the sales in the “real world” have been good, (in my exclusive retail outlet – aka Dad’s bookshop), so hopefully online sales are just slow to get started. And perhaps what they need is a bit of online promotion. Which, in a small way, unexpectedly happened this week thanks to Suzy who creates the blog, Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom, (as well as creating her own artsy-craftsy creations, including some beautiful hand-dyed goose eggs as pictured below).

Suzy put together a compilation of cat-themed Etsy finds which included my art print “Literary Felines”. I guess if my works are going to get publicity anywhere, it is likely to be in cat related contexts! Actually this print features two of my favourite things, (no, not the two cats), but cats and books.

Anyway, here’s hoping that my first Etsy sale is not too far away. Thanks Suzy!

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