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Reasons I don’t miss commuting: #1 the tram traveller trample

March 5, 2011

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who are just too important, tough or trendy to hold onto a pole or strap when they are standing on a tram or train? In my observations, they are usually suited professionals, big burly blokes, super-cool hipsters or, (most bizarrely), high-heeled women, all of whom are too busy nonchalantly fiddling with an iPhone to care about minor details like safety.

If anyone dares suggest that they support themselves they smugly assert that “I’ll be right”. Perhaps unfortunately, this always proves to be correct. When the tram driver inevitably slams on the brakes, the fall of the inconsiderate fool always seems to be broken by a soft young child, or a pensioner, or an invalid.

And that’s my top reason for not missing the daily tram trundle.

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