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The discipline of rest

February 14, 2011

Due to persistent fatigue, recurrent colds and intermittent migraines, I need to take things slowly this week.

But resting can be strangely challenging.

Despite my fatigue, I am restless due to anxiety. Even during migraines, a small, annoying, (and I suspect misguided), voice tells me to strike onwards at full speed. I could ride the adrenaline wave of anxiety, rushing headlong into entrepreneurial schemes, harnessing the energy of fresh ideas, and quelling my doubts with feverish actions. Everyone knows that the self-employed must be highly motivated, self-disciplined, relentless workers? Resting? I must be both crazy and lazy to think I can be self-employed but take it easy?

Well, OK. I recognise that as a self-employee I need to be driven, organised, hard working and disciplined. But I need to work smart, not just work hard. What would be the point of rushing headlong, at full speed, in the wrong direction, just to fall in a burnt-out, confused and headachey heap?

A bad run of colds, flus, headaches, back-aches and migraines, combined with a not-entirely-voluntary career change, has left me reeling and exhausted. Before I build my new career, this is my chance to rest, take stock of my hopes and dreams, and get my life, particularly my health, in some kind of order.

Once I feel energized, healthy, refreshed and clear-headed, then I will be ready to set myself to business-building at full-steam. I’m looking forward to it. Until then, though, (and hopefully it will just be a short while), I’m going  to pay more attention to resting, relaxing, and having fun. I hope that in the long run both myself and my business will be better for it.

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