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A software (delivery) update

February 8, 2011

Hooray! Today my delivery saga finally came to a successful conclusion.

As previously posted, I waited about a week for my new computer to arrive after couriers initially attempted delivery to the wrong address.

Meanwhile, I was also awaiting delivery of my super-duper graphics software package. I had ordered this separately from an online company that offered a much better price than the exorbitant recommended retail price I would have to pay in a shop. I had also used this company before, without problems. On their website, the software was listed as in stock, and expected to arrive in two or three days, so I placed my order…

After three days without receiving delivery, I gave the company a call. They assured me that the software had shipped. When asked why it had taken so long, I was told that they didn’t have it in their warehouse themselves, but the supplier did, and it was now on the way from the supplier. I questioned how they could list the item as “in stock” if in fact it was “in stock with our supplier”, but this difference did not seem to bother the person I was speaking to. “It should be with you in two or three days,” I was promised. At this point my computer had not arrived either, so I agreed to wait…

My Mac belatedly arrived, but there was still no word on the software. Three days after my first call, I phoned again. As soon as I named the software package I was waiting on the operator sounded worried, with a response along the lines of “ Urrmm, ahh, that product is out of stock, and, um, we thought the supplier had stock but they don’t. We’re ordering it now from another supplier”. I cancelled the order.

Thankfully, I found another supplier online who in fact had a slightly better price. I emailed them to double-check that the software was in stock before placing my order late on Friday afternoon. Since then I’ve been tracking the progress of my package as it was couriered from the Santa Monica via Hawaii to Alexandria NSW, and finally to me in Melbourne. So, if you’re in a hurry to buy decently priced software, that actually turns up, you might consider Apex Software.

The software is finally all loaded now, and seems to work as it should. Except when I tried to print one of my pictures the colours came out all wishy-washy… One of tomorrow’s challenges will be getting the software, computer and the printer to work together to print my images with the correct colours…

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