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On Melbourne in the heat

February 1, 2011

Aaargh Melbourne, you are so darned hot today.

I probably could have got more work done if I’d been able to escape to an air-conditioned venue, like the local library. But instead I’ve been stuck in the unit awaiting delivery of a new Mac, which will replace the PC which has served me for the last seven-or-so years. Slowly wilting, I’ve achieved only a few sweat-smudged sketches and a to-do-list which has been written but not enacted. I attempted to complete an online form to enter an art-piece into an exhibition, but each time the process failed – was my PC annoyed because it is about to be replaced, or had the entire internet finally melted? At last I found a productive activity – sitting on the couch, taking stock of my ideas.

Flicking through my various notes and sketchbooks I was at first overwhelmed by my multiplicity of ideas. Confused, and suffering from air-conditioning withdrawal, it seemed that returning to a climate controlled day job might be wise. I can’t possibly carry out all the creative projects I envisage, so wouldn’t it be more sensible to seek out a regular pay packet? Quite possibly. But it isn’t what I’m planning to do just now. Instead I listed all my ideas, and then shortlisted my priorities. This brought the list down to a more managable five major project areas.

Julia’s top-tier projects:

  1. Create new artworks to to update folio to gain freelance art/illustration projects
  2. Design, produce and sell art prints
  3. Design, produce and sell greeting cards
  4. Produce original artworks that can be exhibited and sold
  5. Produce images and designs for use of homewares, fabrics and other goods

And flicking through my sketchbooks taking stock of my ideas also made something else very clear. Melbourne is my muse. I love this city with her clunky trams, warbling magpies and infinitely varied terrace houses. I love the patterns of the lacework, brickwork, gates and fences; the colours and textures of the tiles, walls and gardens; and the sheer ridiculousness of the over-ornamental pediments and parapets, finials and urns.

So, I’ll forgive you, Melbourne, for being intolerably hot, because you are also beautiful, eclectic and inspiring. I just hope you don’t mind being featured in my folio, and on art prints, and greeting cards, and in exhibitions, and maybe even homewares…

A Melbourne street scene (Dwyer Street, Clifton Hill)

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